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Diamond ring uniquely styled

Proposal Speeches

Proposal As I present to you this ring, My heart does sing. Let us join two into one, Before the setting of the sun, A bridge of our souls, Let us begin to share our goals. Please say yes, Don’t make me guess. I propose to give you my best, You are unique among all […]

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Business people

Mean In Business

You want to make money so you choose to do business. What you mean by business, however, may not be the same as potential business clients. Being busy or occupying your time with a state of busi-ness not necessarily equal commerce. You obviously enter the realm of business to generate revenue and hopefully amass a […]

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Diamond Details

Here are some suggestions to consider when meeting with a professional jewelry consultant, at a jewelry store or with a wholesale jeweler. What does clarity mean when it comes to diamonds? Does the way the diamond is cut make a difference? What colors are there for diamonds? What are carats? There are certainly finer points […]

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SPIN Doctors

In every arena of life there are issues that arise. In politics for example, politicians can ‘slip up’ by saying the wrong thing. Making an inappropriate statement or saying something that is totally unrelated to the question posed or not inline with their seeming campaign strategy, is often the norm for politicians. The reasons politicians […]

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Free Market Domain Illusions

It may perhaps be an illusion that there exists somewhere or anywhere a free market, in some democracy in the world. This is a bold statement and perhaps presumptuous. But if there is a place in the world with a truly free market economy, then I would like to be the first to know about […]

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Get What You Want In Business

A question well put and almost never clearly answered is: “How can I get what I want in business?” The “Rolling Stones” rock band had a song entitled: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, the lyrics of the song continued “But you if try sometimes, you may find that get what you need.” This […]

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Sales Revenue

Gateway to Finance

This is the Gateway to Finance for New Canadian Professionals  How does an international banking professional begin their career here in Canada? By pursuing the gateway to finance professional can achieve success. To land on the right foot, a financial professional, from a foreign marketing background, must start out in a non-traditional role. Embarking on […]

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Ice with diamonds

Jewelry Rocks

Wholesale Jewelry Toront offers customers a unique shopping experience. Based in Thornhill, Ontario; we feature a vast selection of certified diamond engagement rings. We specialize in his and hers wedding rings, men’s diamonds rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and much more. Our qualified jeweler, Daniel, is an established wholesale jeweler whose main focus is on […]

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Pave It Right the First Time

Article By Zack Steel and Alex Korolev At Century Paving & Construction, we specialize in the NEW INSTALLATIONS of ASPHALT, INTERLOCKING STONE, NATURAL STONE DESIGN, CONCRETE and STAMPED CONCRETE. We also provide needed repairs and restorations to interlocking stone, concrete, stamped concrete and natural stone surfaces. Our quality installations, attention to detail and warranty are […]

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Accentuate the Positive

When calling a business for any reason it is best to limit any criticism of it. You may want to point of areas of improvement. This applies, especially, if you believe that you can offer solutions to make the business better. By providing a critique, rather than a criticism you demonstrate your commitment to building […]

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