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Four Quadrants of Rational Thought Parable Fourth Man Short Story / Cover Letter

Four men want to get to a prosperous town of great riches. A mountain, however, separates them from the town. The first man decides that he will run as fast as he can up the mountain and then run down the other side. He runs up the mountain using all of his might but makes […]

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Frequency of Change – Or Change of Frequency?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla Do we feel our soul and do we understand how it encompasses and permeates us? Is speech more of a physical or spiritual activity? When we speak we are utilizing various components of our physicality, […]

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Phenomenology Continued

The gateway to the light is a direct path.  Along the journey there are many distractions and distortions to confuse ones otherwise clearly guided voyage. For one has an enormous stream of energy and there are the extraneous forces that want to absorb some of the energy. In order to grasp the energy they strive […]

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Observations in The Prosecutors Office (Poem)

Observing the law in action, trying to contain my reaction, Could not believe the explanations I heard, bizarre and absurd, Before the courts defendants arguing torts when charged with Provincial Offences, Some defendants were ordered to mend fences, remedy infractions of a by-law, I could not believe what I saw, Fines imposed, indiscretions exposed, guilty […]

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Thought Processes Postulations

Is it possible to have more than one thought at a time? To be able to walk and chew gum at the same time is an interesting capability. To be able to rub ones belly and pat ones head simultaneously are considered by some to be rare accomplishments. But are these activities actually more than […]

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Humor Is it Funny?

Jokes are funny. Cynicism can be moderately humorous too! But what makes us laugh at humor? Perhaps we have a desire to laugh – we only need a reason. With less face-to-face communication, we appreciate any sense of humor, in which we can delight. Smiling faces and smiley faces of all varieties, with winks and […]

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How to Think

Recently I was speaking with my friend about thinking. It might seem like a strange topic and slightly odd. But, even while not being an official Philosopher, I felt I could contribute to this discussion in a thoughtful way. I had just completed reading a book specifically about thinking. Having read this book numerous times, […]

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Speculative Cynic

Let us ponder collective intentionality, and the power of effectiveness; for causative change, in a revealed domain. Let us postulate an integrated system that operates with precise synchronicity and spans the entire construct on levels. Let us further query into the interconnectedness of mind, collective unconscious and the wisdom that is the bridge which joins […]

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Sea parting

Parting of the Red Sea

Did you ever hear the story about the Red Sea splitting in the Bible? Some people claim that it was really the Reed Sea or some other waterway. Regardless of your belief on where the event occurred, let us look at the lessons to learnt from the narrative of the story. The Hebrews were enslaved […]

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Giant eye on screen

Perceived Reality

How much of your perceived reality is real versus the degree of imagined fiction in your life?  Does the way you conceive of your world effect the way the world interacts with you? Are your thoughts and beliefs about people accurate? Perhaps what we believe to be true about others is partially correct. The remaining part of […]

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