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Hollywood lights

Scripted Reality

Is it true that everything we see or hear is scripted? Whether on television or on the radio or on the Internet, every word and every motion and sound is perfectly scripted to excellent. Or sometimes the presentation is not as great as was once thought when penned on paper. Let us take the Actor’s […]

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Five Awesome Activities for Families During the Holiday Season

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills. “The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a world of entertainment, colour and creativity for families with children aged 3-10.” There are super things to see, great rides and a massive 4D cinema, with animated movies (Lego’s Legends of Chima, which a fantasyland of Lego, Racers movie about Lego cars in […]

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Mega Mind Learning Academy

Mental Math Brain Training

MegaMind Abacus Academy Integrated Educational System Enhances learning in all subjects Enhances memory for greater attention span Improves focus and concentration Increases confidence in Mathematics Improves student’s confidence level Empowers students to be able to ask questions in class Improves overall academic performance Promotes positive attitude towards education Are you a parent who needs a […]

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Wooden roof

Woodworking History

Wood has been shaped by various tradespeople throughout history. But the usage of wood in various ways has also helped to shape cultures. For example, in ancient Egypt acacia wood was used to build furniture and other objects. Later on, the ancient Biblical Hebrews also made great use of this unique wood to design and […]

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Clothing for women on rack

Clutter Begone – How to Declutterize

Do you have clutter in your home? Would you like to get rid of unnecessary clothing? Where do you start? How can you be sure you will be successful? Are you a hoarder? Do you buy multiples of every product you choose to buy? Do you now have a huge pile of clothes on your […]

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From Where Is Creativity Derived?

So you are a designer or a writer and you want to be creative – but you are not sure how to be innovative. In striving to design or script a topic you could perhaps review samples of other work in your industry for inspiration. But in so doing, you might run the risk of […]

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Power of a Smile

What is the effect of a smile? Is it temporary or long-lasting.  I recently began to wonder about the impact of one person’s effort for being positive and friendly on one’s immediate surroundings and the world, as a whole. The other day I was in the elevator. Like most times I walked into the elevator and […]

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The Sounds of Change

Are there sounds that change you? Do you have a favorite song, wedding tune, or recall a first date song which set the tone of your relationship? Of all the jingles on television commercials, radio ads and new releases on the pop charts, sounds shape us. What effect do sounds have on society at large? […]

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Professional Syndrome

While some people may hold themselves in high esteem, for having completed a professional designation through post-secondary study; this air of superiority is an illusion. Do you know if you are affected by the professional syndrome? Is there really any career, other than a profession, such as a doctor, lawyer, engineer or pharmacist, for which […]

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The Bingo Lingo

Every arena of our interactions has a unique lingo. Whether for the study of religion or science, or some other area of inquiry, there is a unique set of terms for each specific grouping. Knowing the key terms of a dialect is essential to be able to survive and to thrive in a profession and […]

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