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How to Rank Your Skills Appropriately

To rank your skills appropriately you need to determine what skills you possess and decide how you can practically apply them. You have great professional skills! You are a research wizard, or a report generating genie. Whatever your area of expertise, you know that you are an expert in your chosen niche. But how do […]

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How To Introduce a Presenter

By: Adeodata Cznik – Owner of Business of Manners This article will offer many useful tips on how to introduce a presenter at an event. I am constantly amazed when people who introduce main platform keynoters stumble on names and struggle with titles. Reading lengthy, yawnable bios and sometimes even a mini-keynote of their […]

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How to Write About Anything

Must you be an expert on a subject in order to compose a written document about it? This is certainly not correct. You can write on any topic, as long as you sincerely believe in your desire to express your opinion. Smile as you write. It helps to positively frame your thoughts. That said. How […]

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Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act (Bill-124), 2006

By: Zack Steel (Employment Services Manager, at the time of Publication) Appeared in November 2006 Issue of La Guia Magazine, in Spanish On Tuesday, October 3, 2006, the Honourable Mike Colle, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, addressed the provincial legislature, to present a second reading of the Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, 2006 (Bill-124). […]

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Hollywood lights

Scripted Reality

Is it true that everything we see or hear is scripted? Whether on television or on the radio or on the Internet, every word and every motion and sound is perfectly scripted to excellent. Or sometimes the presentation is not as great as was once thought when penned on paper. Let us take the Actor’s […]

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Five Awesome Activities for Families During the Holiday Season

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills. “The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a world of entertainment, colour and creativity for families with children aged 3-10.” There are super things to see, great rides and a massive 4D cinema, with animated movies (Lego’s Legends of Chima, which a fantasyland of Lego, Racers movie about Lego cars in […]

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Mega Mind Learning Academy

Mental Math Brain Training

MegaMind Abacus Academy Integrated Educational System Enhances learning in all subjects Enhances memory for greater attention span Improves focus and concentration Increases confidence in Mathematics Improves student’s confidence level Empowers students to be able to ask questions in class Improves overall academic performance Promotes positive attitude towards education Are you a parent who needs a […]

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