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From Where Is Creativity Derived?

So you are a designer or a writer and you want to be creative – but you are not sure how to be innovative. In striving to design or script a topic you could perhaps review samples of other work in your industry for inspiration. But in so doing, you might run the risk of […]

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How to Stay Stress Free

A friend of mine related a phrase to me the other day, which just seemed to make the most sense: “Your problem shall never become my problem.” These words of wisdom might seem to some people, to be an odd or insignificant expression. Or these words might be the key to a gateway to serenity […]

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Personal Development for Smart People

Mind As Mirror Meditation MIND AS MIRROR BECAUSE IMAGE IS MIRRORED BEFORE LIGHT The mind is a mirror. The world for oneself is the mind for oneself. The two are one. One is not two. What is projected onto the mirror will be reflected from the mirror. Experience reflects outward from what was inward. Life […]

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