Thought Processes Postulations

Is it possible to have more than one thought at a time? To be able to walk and chew gum at the same time is an interesting capability. To be able to rub ones belly and pat ones head simultaneously are considered by some to be rare accomplishments. But are these activities actually more than one thought at a time?

Automatic or innate physical capacity for synchronic movements might operate from an unconscious part of the brain that permits for seemingly natural dexterity. These processes are not necessarily what we will term as thoughts. Instead, thoughts will be defined as actively conscious ideas. These cognitions are only possible one at a time or one at any one instant.

Having established that only one thought is possible at any one instant, we now investigate if this process can be modified. Perception of the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are also possible one at a time. But what if sound was introduced into ear – into the sense of sound – at the same instant as a thought as being processed? Would this dual introduction of two inputs overload the brain?

For that matter would the effort to actually experience more than one of the sensory perceptions at any one moment change the way the brain perceives of the sensations of these senses? Are the sensory experiences perceived by the brain or projected from the brain outwards in the world and into ones physical being? Does one actually feel their sensations from their sensory experience or is all experience mental; occurring solely within the brain itself?


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