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Mind As Mirror Meditation



The mind is a mirror. The world for oneself is the mind for oneself. The two are one. One is not two.

What is projected onto the mirror will be reflected from the mirror. Experience reflects outward from what was inward.

Life is an illusion of mind. There are no tangibles. Instead, there are images.

Images result from prior projections. Projections are finite, while the source of projections is infinite.

Reflections began at one time and have continued until now. They are ever unfolding. Nothing can be new.

Things can only be a reflection of a prior projection. Reflection and refraction are concepts for understanding.

Possibilities are finite. Time is non-existent and empty. Reality exists in the source of light. Darkness comes before light and light follows darkness.

The reverse is true for things in nature. Here, light is refracted.

Images are reflected. Perpetually, reflection increases and decreases. But there is balance.

The ultimate aim is to return all light to its source. Yet, when this occurs, there will be void.

When the source removes itself from the scope of being, there will be nothing.

Everything is nothing except that which is all. All is not divisible, but can be viewed infinitely. By light unfolding and folding the balance is maintained.

One should see this in ones life. One can bring about good things, through good actions. Through actions that benefit others, one derives benefit for oneself.

The image is the reflection. The reflection has infinite potential. Occurrence illuminates, where potential is harnessed.


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Star of David / Magen David Explained.

If you observe the Star of David or Shield
of David (Magen David) you will see within it the tribes of  Israel. Note that there are twelve tribes of Israel.  There are six points on the star. There are six small triangles within the star.

Six and six equals twelve – the sons of Israel (Jacob).  The small triangles being closest to the centre or middle of the convergence of the two large triangles. These small triangles being representative of the six sons of Leah.

The six points being representative of the six remaining sons of Jacob. The point at the top being representative of Joseph, the most favoured son (coat of many colors) and the one-time viceroy of Egypt. The point at the bottom being representative of  Benjamin (a wolf who crouches down).  The points on the four far extreme sides being representative of the sons of the handmaids. Also, the two large all encompassing triangles represent that G-d is one in the heavens above and on the earth below. The six sides of at the convergence of the two large triangles are representative of the six days of Creation.

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