Observations in The Prosecutors Office (Poem)

Observing the law in action, trying to contain my reaction,

Could not believe the explanations I heard, bizarre and absurd,

Before the courts defendants arguing torts when charged with Provincial Offences,

Some defendants were ordered to mend fences, remedy infractions of a by-law,

I could not believe what I saw,

Fines imposed, indiscretions exposed, guilty pleas and abstainees,

Explanations, hesitations, regurgitations, exaggerations and inconsistencies,

In the court, codes for behaviour, stories to savour,

Law in motion, focused notion,

Various characters, with accents abound, no humour permitted all around,

With wisdom and reason arguments were made, and defendants without a defence quickly paid,

Speeding, not heeding signs and getting in binds, among the charges before the court,

Summaries made in short, some accused thought the court heard matters of tort,

So much I learnt, about manners, pleasantries and respect,

Attire, from shirts to shoes and pants one must not neglect,

For ones appearance sets the stage for ones image and could perhaps affect the notes on the page,

Charges reduced and withdrawn, some drivers were speeding awhile before dawn,

Cars crashed, defendants smashed, excuses abash, heartfelt stories and payments of cash,

Lessons learnt, defendants scurnt, and new directions committed,

Promises made, fees paid and surcharges abound,

For even smiles sometimes create a sound, Restrain your laugh here there is no gaffe!




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