Make a Great Event Even Better

So you have sent out all of the invitations, advertized the event widely and called everyone you know to let them know about the function. What is next? Have you made sure that the event is properly designed? Will all of the visitors be impressed / accommodated upon arrival? Will there be intriguing activities for all of your visitors according their preferences and interests? Have you chosen the correct location for the event? Do you have the best venue for this type of event?

These are key questions that you need to ask yourself to make sure that all of your great work will result in a successful event. One way to be certain that you have tailored the event to the material needs of your visitors is to engage the services of an Event Planner. Even if you are an event professional; utilizing the services of a colleague can assist you in fulfilling all of your event goals.Additionally, assuming of course that you have created a media advisory / press release to market the event, you will want to invite a journalist to cover the event. But why only invite them to the event?

Ask a journalist who you know to be reputable and thorough to critique your event features, including: design, venue layout & marketing & overall event plan. You could ask the journalist to solely write a critique, without publishing it, at least not until the day of the event. Or you could hire the journalist for the very purpose of writing up the critique. Then you would own it and could do with it as you wish.

Also, do a walk-through of the event yourself as though you were a prospective visitor. Make notes of your experience upon entering the front door of the venue; including your impressions of the signage and marketing materials, as well as the appeal of the venue, to yourself as a visitor. Continue to make notes as you enter the venue and as you visit each table, booth, cubicle, staging area and upon your exit.Along your path you will have noted the colors of the flooring / carpeting, the layout of the tables / booths & the lighting, temperature and your sense of ‘warmth’ at the event. You will want your visitors to have a more enhanced adventure than your own experience. So if you are only satisfied with the event, then you need to make improvements – to make your great event even better. The event should showcase a WOW factor to dazzle and impress visitors, who really are your guests.



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