Successful Networking Strategies

The best networking you can do is to have others promote for you. If you have a good name and others will speak well about you and the work you do, then this is more useful and valuable than any promotion you can achieve on your own.

Better than spending money on high-cost marketing campaigns, is to spend time to ask prior clients, friends, acquaintances, industry leaders and experts in your field to recommend your services. The effort exuded might seem much greater than spending money on what might seem like a great publicity showcase. Potential clients will value the word of a respected commentator as to the quality of your work, over and above an advertisement.

With an ad you might receive many initial enquiries. But you need to determine how many of those responses are substantial and how many are just pointless. Building a successful network for yourself and for your business through aligning and associating with related businesses will improve your marketability. You might believe, incorrectly, that you might be overshadowed by more respected companies. But being seen is the key to success. Your reputation will grow exponentially according to the status of contemporaries with whom you align yourself.

There are many websites that offer social networking opportunities where you can connect with professionals and businesses. While these platforms offer you the possibility of building your professional social circle; you need to be sure that you allocating your time appropriately. How many of these connections will actually result in a business referral that will translate into dollars and cents? Also, is it sensible to have hundreds of connections that you do not really know and who do not know you? Certainly there is no purpose to have a network that is fictitious, or which is not demonstrative of your community.

Perhaps that is the key to the successful professional social circle. Your connections need to be representative of your personal, social, professional and / or industrial community. You live within a community that contains demographics, which are comprised of various people. Likewise on the internet, there are various communities, comprised of many demographical features. Be sure to surround yourself with the correct ones. If you own a business that sells flowers, then there would be no purpose to be connected with a mechanic’s garage, in your online network. That is, unless the mechanic will promote your product to his clientele, by showcasing you in his advertising materials or by telling his clients about you. Successful networking must be about developing a network that will result in success by promotions through relevant distribution channels for maximum relationship building.


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