Phenomenology Continued

The gateway to the light is a direct path.  Along the journey there are many distractions and distortions to confuse ones otherwise clearly guided voyage. For one has an enormous stream of energy and there are the extraneous forces that want to absorb some of the energy. In order to grasp the energy they strive to take one off course, bit by bit.

The energy is never lost or fully absorbed, it is only an illusion. One can resume course and regain the seemingly possessed energy. One only needs strive to return towards the light and embrace it fully. For one can only move on one path at a time and one can be harnessed by one rider at a time. The rider must be The Light. For light moves at the fastest speed possible, while with the greatest measurable precision.

To avoid distractions on the journey, one needs to shield oneself, by engulfing oneself in light through a modified channel. Blinding as it might seem to any observer, one who is encapsulated within the light can see with extreme clarity and focus. Dispensing bits of the light, to those who can see none of their own, acts to refine one’s own light. For the shared light constantly returns to the one who initially shared it, through the vessels of transference. The light was initially shared from the initial source. Therefore it constantly returns to and is dispensed from that source – all the while redistributing of itself, to all possible recipients.

The light shines as a countenance upon the face and is focused through the eyes. In every direction it shines and is equally viewed, while not necessarily perceived. Into the mirror of the construct, the light shines. It reflected infinitely within and without. There is no possible increase or decrease of the light. Instead it is flows through the vessels and within oneself.


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