Create An Event Visitors Will Actually Attend

The expected result of any event regardless of purpose or type is to have many people attend the function. It is vital to the success of an affair that the right people participate, and share in the value that is offered by the occasion. So it is to these key participants that a marketing campaign must be directed and clearly targeted.

But what would make potential guests want to join in and share in the happening? Firstly, the topic of the event must be made clear. Also, the  purpose and components of the event need to be publicized effectively and succinctly. If the event will have speakers and assume the model of a forum, then the advertising literature should list the presenters with their biographies and the specific topics to be presented. If the event will have a marketplace and / or vendor component, then this should be explicitly stated in promotional materials. A booklet / listing should be provided to visitors, which contains the names of the companies, who will have a booth at the event. Each business should be accompanied by a short tagline that represents them.

Once the fine details of the event type, purpose and other particulars are fully known; an active campaign should be created. It should specify what makes this event ‘the place to be’ for a set demographic. ‘A grab and tag’ marketing effort is sure to draw the attention of a key audience. This process will demonstrate taglines that leave a viewer pondering and wanting more. For example, if the event is for clothing designers, such a campaign and tagline system could follow this model. In the heart of the fashion district, on a large billboard there could be a very poorly dressed man and / or woman wearing some drab get-up. The tagline on the advertisement might read “Who dressed this person?” or “Is this the newest fashion in…” Viewers will want to know the answer to the question posed, and will be left in slight confusion.  But other viewers alike will begin to discuss the poster and this in turn creates a buzz.

Getting people talking about an event before it happens, and saying positive or negative statements; is much better than no one noticing the event, when it occurs or afterwards. It is much more effective to spend a  little bit of money to wine and dine the key players of a specific market segment, than to pay a lot of cash for an expensive print media blitz. Inviting the well-known and respected industry leaders, to a mixer  in advance of the main event, is crucial to building momentum. It is also useful to generate interest and participation from potential supporters.

Also, listing an advance RSVP date is beneficial, along with VIP perks for registrants. A sense of urgency, mixed with a perceived demand by members of high society, to secure a spot at the venue, goes a long way in an effective marketing process. It should be publicized, that space is filling up. Guests should register by a set date to ensure the best seats, tickets and / or view at the event. This will prompt people to notify you of their intended involvement far in advance.

If your past events were not widely attended, it is probably because the reputation of your company needs to be improved in your market. Your reputation lies in the perceived value and respect that your business is known to generate.Once your reputation is heightened and built up, your company will be perceived as the up-and-coming leader  in your market. Then the key players will request an invitation to your gala. They will want to determine why they were not on the guest list in the first place. Therefore, always create a buzz and keep people talking about your event. A word of mouth campaign can be highly effective, if the right words are spoken by the right people, at the right time in the right social circles.



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