How to Get Great In-kind Sponsors

Fundraisers often wonder how to get great in-kind sponsors for an event or campaign. An in-kind sponsor process is similar to a barter system. In-kind sponsors will provide a service or product to you, in exchange for publicity or a preferred booth at your event. They might also want to receive VIP status.

To get a great in-kind sponsor you need to have a unique event, which has a clear and direct theme. Usually an in-kind sponsor is a small business or does not have a large budget for marketing or promotion. Large companies, however, might also prefer to sponsor in-kind rather than give money for an event or cause. Perhaps, they are not excited about the event, but they might still want to support the cause. This scenario is prevalent when many people have similar events. For example, there are many events, whose purpose is to promote, and gather money for research, towards a cure for a disease.

If a large business is approached by all of them; they might not be able to give money to each one, due to shareholder and other financial concerns. To resolve any doubt in the mind of the in-kind sponsor, you should make your event distinct. You should have a noteworthy presenter, or offer special giveaways. You could distribute items from your in-kind sponsor to visitors. Any sponsor wants increased exposure and heightened recognition. Therefore, according to your marketing campaign, you should do whatever possible to showcase, and to provide a spotlight for your sponsor.

The more places you list a sponsor, the more sponsorship they are willing to offer in return. Some sponsors do not want public recognition. Instead, they might want to support your cause for personal, or social reasons. These sponsors might welcome a certificate of recognition, which they can hang on the wall in their office. So it is important to find out the level of exposure desired from a sponsor, and to cater to it.

Knowing the needs, wants and aims of your sponsor, is crucial to receiving their continued support. An in-kind sponsor that has their own charity, or community programs, will want your event to have partnerships, and networking opportunities; rather than a lot of glitz and glamour. In this case, you should secure the participation a company that creates and prints invitations. Their in-kind support will be used to properly invite key guests. Guests can also be in-kind sponsors.

Some potential visitors can be called upon to list your event on their website, blog or in their newsletter. This in-kind sponsorship provides great exposure. If it stems from a member of the same community or group it will surely be well received by recipients of the distributed media.

Media, including newspapers, magazines and television listings are perhaps the most valuable component of any advertising campaign. The cost to advertise on television can be quite costly. So if you offer the spot of title sponsor to a certain station / program, you will likely get in-kind promotion on television. Every moment that your event is marketed through this media outlet, thousands of potential attendees are becoming aware of your event. There is no limit to the number of in-kind sponsors this effort could generate.

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