Secret to Being Remembered

Being remembered is the most valuable acclamation that people can demonstrate to us. Secret to being remembered requires focal points that standout in the mind’s of visitors. But what does it mean that people recall us? Is it just that they think of us in a passing thought? Being remembered means, that we are acknowledged, and that our reputation has become great. This popularity is worth more than any money. Fame is the true desire of most people.

So you need to make your guests feel famous and honour them with great praise. Prior to an event, when creating invitations to send to potential attendees, you should spend some time researching the background of your potential guests. If you discover that this person is a doctor, lawyer or has another professional designation or that they have a title  that goes with their name, then you should use it when creating the invitation. A guest might be known as the Honourable, the venerable or simply as the Respected Mr. or Mrs. John, Judy Doe. When a potential guest receives an invitation in the mail – that was hand-written in calligraphy, addressed to them by their title, and signed by the Event Manager – they will feel honoured to attend your event. It is also advisable that the card displays a watermark or embossed seal that bears  the name of the event company, or title sponsor for the event.

At the event, having an usher or guide onsite, to receive and welcome a visitor, will make the guest feel important. This companion should have with them a bottle of water or juice, some light snacks such as peanuts or cookies, and a short biography of their assigned VIP. If visitors approach the VIP to make conversation the escort should be able to confidently introduce the VIP, while noting their accomplishments, to newly introduced acquaintances. A VIP wants to be introduced, and to have someone else note their key points of interests.

Highlighting a theme of interest to the visitors, is vital to the success of your event, and crucial to being remembered. If your event is a fundraiser, for impoverished children, and you have professional athletes in attendance, as VIP’s; then you should have relevant displays, and photographs onsite that highlight sports persons. If your VIP’s are baseball players, then a baseball field theme will work well. The main or head table could be called home plate, and the carpet or flooring underneath the table should embody this design. Waiters could be attired in apparel, which shows them as referees with fancy whistles. The area designated for speakers could be labelled as the dugout. The master of ceremonies could be dressed as a fun-spirited mascot. Children in attendance could be encouraged to cheer, when each dignitary is called upon to speak.

For any event with a theme, fun mixed with flare is the key to being remembered. While it is great to have a central theme of focus for the event, and to showcase it in the design and layout of the event; too many themes will make the event into a circus, and seem bizarre. So tempering what is acceptable, with what is excessive, is your responsibility as a capable event organizer.

Organizing does not stop after the event is complete. Follow-up e-mails, and thank you cards are essential. To maintain continuity with your visitors, and to maintain your impression in the mind of those who attended, be sure to announce your next event; and to highlight it’s theme in the follow-up literature from your most recent function.

Continuity propels continued interest, and shows that you are in the business of creating many events; rather than planning only one event every so often. If recipients of the e-mails, and thank you notes reply, with suggestions or comments about the event; you should be sure to reply to them; and let them know what you plan to do to implement or resolve points of discussion.


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