Four Quadrants of Rational Thought Parable Fourth Man Short Story / Cover Letter

Four men want to get to a prosperous town of great riches. A mountain, however, separates them from the town. The first man decides that he will run as fast as he can up the mountain and then run down the other side. He runs up the mountain using all of his might but makes it only half way up the mountain, having used up all of his energy.

The second man decides that he will run up the mountain using half his energy and when he reaches half way up the mountain will expect the first man to give him a push. He does this and when he gets halfway up the mountain the first man does push him and he reaches the top. But now he does not have enough energy to walk down the other side, so he decides to rest for awhile.

The third man determines that the first two men are not logical in their approach. He, therefore, decides to walk around the mountain, since it is extremely narrow. He does reach the town and he runs up to the first person he sees and asks for a job. This person asks him if he has his Résumé / CV. He has one with him and provides it to the person who requested it from him. This person tells him that they will have someone call him. He accepts this statement and is content in his employment search. The third man will wait for someone to call him and this will be the way of his life.

The fourth man decides that he will look for the best way to reach the mountaintop. He sees wooden stairs, made from logs, placed into the ground. He climbs the stairs and reaches the top in the same time that it took for the third man to walk around the mountain and reach the town. He stands on the mountaintop and looks at the town from above. He surveys the town for a moment, until he sees the person in-charge.

He becomes aware of who is charge because this person is overseeing the work being done in the town and they seem to be very pleased. The fourth man then walks down the stairs and walks over to the supervisor and tells her that he needs a job to earn money so that he can buy what he needs in order to live. He really wants a career through which he can learn and enhance his education and thereby enrich his skills. The supervisor tells him that she is not hiring at the moment. The fourth man explain that he is not merely applying for a job, but rather he is requesting a position in which he can perform to the maximum of his capacity and make the greatest contribution to the town. Essentially, the fourth man is requesting the opportunity to work in a role which may or may not be occupied. But certainly, the fourth man wants to demonstrate his unique skills, even as they might apply to a position currently performed by someone who is already employed. He deserves the opportunity to prove his added value.

I am the fourth man – the man who looks for the person in-charge, obviously the best person in their position, or at least this is what is believed by their superior. You can write the conclusion of the story; by permitting me an opportunity to work with you. If you are seeking the first, second or third man, then I thank you for your time and consideration of my story.



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