How to Be Number One On Google?

How to be number one the Google search engine? How does one get listed at the top of all of the advertisements when a search is conducted for a products or services that one offers? Recently I spoke with a fine gentleman who has a top spot on Google. He has no formal technological training. But what he does have is persistence.

He constantly writes articles about a variety of topics and posts them on various website throughout the internet or on the World Wide Web. Perhaps the latter more specifically explains the nature of search-ability and how our use of interconnected communication actually operates. In all I recall that he said he has written upwards of more than one thousand articles thus far. This fine gentleman explained to me that he will often submit articles to existing blogs, newspapers and other publications, online and in-print, asking only that they credit his blog with the authorship of the article. As a result, many internet surfers who read these articles are in-turn inspired to visit his blog. His blog is number one on Google.

He also has the top stop on YouTube. His videos are useful in helping novice blogspot developers to build and enrich their blog to maximize readership. It is perhaps due to this fine gentleman’s knowledge of sales & marketing that he is able to hone his skills online.

Moreover, when I asked him for advice on how to increase visitors to my website and blog, he told me not to think in technical terms. Instead, he suggested that I consider what people want to read about. Trends in the media and in discussions on the internet on various blogs are the key topics of interest to readers. He also suggested that I create video of my website / blog using a variety of software options and then to post the video on YouTube. I thought that he must be joking. In my own estimation, I did not believe that anyone would want to view a video of a website / blog on YouTube. But in my efforts to create a video of my website / blog and post it there, I came to realize that I was not the only person to utilize this marketing effort. Actually, this process of website / blog promotion is quite common.

There are some great websites which I discovered in my efforts to increase traffic to my website. I will share them with you now. One was suggested by the kind sir who has the #1 spot on Google. This website is, is a virtual database of thousands of specialists in the fields of media and marketing who will help you to promote just about everything. The other website I came to discover is, which is a free website building tool that also hosts your website. It comes complete with a variety of templates, according to your desired design style.

One other process that this top ranking search-engine-guru told me he employs to be among the top listed sites on the internet is that he creates advertisements for business and then contacts them to find out if his ads have resulted in inquiries. If so, then he pitching the companies in the following way. He tells them that he initially created the ad for them gratis (free / complementary), but if they would like to continue to benefit from the customer contacts resulting from this online promotional strategy, then they will need to pay for the ad. Based on the high volume of generated business from the ads, these companies are very grateful and willing to compensate the fine gentleman for his beautifully constructed ad. What an idea. No wonder why this man’s blog has the highest number of views on the the largest search engine in the world.

I hope that this advice helps you to grow and enhance your website / blog. While I do not have the #1 position on Google, I would certainly like to increase the number of visitors to my website. Kindly help me to do so by encouraging others to visit


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