How to Be Joyful

I once heard it remarked by a great contemporary sage, that to be joyful one must travel. Another great sage exclaimed to be joyful, one only needs to eat meat as a treat. So which is it? Does one need to travel to be joyful, or to eat meat in a delightful way? Perhaps both methods will result in great joy; depending on to where one travels and the quality of the meat. For example, one could enjoy a great steak and thereby become full of vigor and convert this newly fortified energy into joy. Or one could travel to some great paradise and bask in the beauty.

To be sure, one wants to be happy and full of joy. But is this any easy task to accomplish. If it were so simple, then would not everyone be joyful? If being elated were so simple, then would people need counsellors, doctors and prescriptions to be jubilant, or just plan glad? Obviously not. So, it is a complex matter, then to be ecstatic. Is there a formula for being in a good mood? It is on this topic that we will now, for a moment ponder, and make an effort to explore.

Is doing what you love, or most enjoy, and then making a career out of it, the path to true happiness? Why not? What could possibly be better? Maybe this is the key to the portal of cheerful bliss. One could extrapolate, that great friends are essential to being content. While there is adage, “That misery loves company.” Could it not instead be more correct to say?: “That delightfulness is best, when shared amongst friends.” One could then have parties, start community clubs and expand ones social network. Surely this would garner many friends. To have a good friend, must one also be good friend? This is probably likely. So, would it not follow that one should endeavor to be jolly and merry, and will thereby encounter like-minded people.

Possibly, one should just be full of joy and one will be joyful. Traveling and eating meat might also be great; unless of course you are a vegetarian. Then a veggie burger, or some soy-based food might be more pleasing to your palate.

Could it be that for every person there is a different interpretation of fun? Maybe, that is why it unclear – how to be joyful. Until we can agree on a shared perception of what makes one happy, we cannot speak intelligently about being in such a state of mind.


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