How To Create A Great Online Presence for Maximum Visitors

After you have built your website or blog – customizing it with social media capability and so forth – you need to make it visitor worthy. You might believe that your website or blog is interesting and that is reason enough for visitors to initially land on your page. But you need to be distinguishable from every other similar and unrelated website or blog. You need to be the diamond of websites / blogs.

To reach this pinnacle, or jewel-like status on the internet, you need to have a colorful and welcoming website. Not too much text, at least on the main page. That is, unless of course your website is meant for the purpose of broadcasting events, or promotions. If you have too much text, then your readers will be overwhelmed with a plethora of information. Conversely if you do not have enough writing on your website, then your followers will have no reason to return to website or blog.

Perhaps that clear distinction between a website and a blog is an important place to start the discussion on how to develop and maintain your online presence. While a blog contains a biography of the blogger and regular posts on a specific topic(s), a website has a distinctive marketing structure. A website might also contain blog posts. But posts are not the main focus of the website.

Blogs and websites alike have subscribers who are interested on receiving regular written posts from the web portal.  To maintain or increase the readership of your posts, you will need to write interesting articles on a variety of topics. Most importantly, your writing should be consistent. You can compose new posts daily, or weekly. But be consistent.

Readers will want to establish a routine of reading your posts. To ensure readers want to read what you have written, keep your sentences short and your thoughts concise. Consider popular trends and emerging topics when composing your topics. It is best to write about a theme that is in the media, online or otherwise. Or for a blog, you might choose to often write an evolving series of poems or short stories. Whatever you write should be clear and to the point. Usually website / blog readers peruse a post and might just scan the page for key words that they find to be appealing.



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