How to Rank Your Skills Appropriately

To rank your skills appropriately you need to determine what skills you possess and decide how you can practically apply them. You have great professional skills! You are a research wizard, or a report generating genie. Whatever your area of expertise, you know that you are an expert in your chosen niche. But how do you present yourself as being a great worker?

As a starting point, be sure that you know what your capabilities are and who would benefit from them. Next, you need to effectively market your abilities. Inquire and as to the industry rate for your work output. This is the value or price that other professionals in your field are charging for the same or similar work. Then, determine your fee accordingly.

While you might be eager for work, be reasonable when setting your fee schedule. Especially, if you know that your work is of good quality. If your initial price is too low, in comparison with your competition, then later on, you will have to be quite persuasive, when trying to rationalize your increased price, for the same work. Once you agree to a set rate for an assignment, then this will be the expected price for all future work. That is, unless you preface your fee by explaining that it is only demonstrative of your professional ability, and is not to be counted on as a set fee for future projects.

Otherwise, even if you only wanted to secure new business and therefore lowered your price, or agreed to work for a lower fee than you had aspired to, in order to obtain new clients; your rate will be fixed in the perception of the clients for whom you worked. It will be a great challenge to persuade a client that the value your work was initially undervalued. In business, to be competitive and to prosper, businesspeople, want to earn more and spend less. So a great deal, will remain just that!

Also, be very specific for all job duties and tasks to be completed. You might have in mind one idea of the work to be performed, while the requesting client might have a different impression of the work to be achieved. Ensure all terms for a working relationship are clearly detailed in writing and preferably subscribed to by both parties, with mutual signatures.


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