How to Expand Your Business

When considering expanding your business, focus on maximizing customer participation in your marketing and promotional campaign. The more consumers feel connected to your business through being able to contribute ideas for product display, advertising initiatives and discount options, the more likely these patrons are to shop at your store. This methodology can be applied to a variety of businesses. Invite suggestions and comments from your customers, through ballots and via online comment forms. It would be great to even offer a prize, or a coupon, for the most original and useful suggestions. Also the best comment could be featured online, or onsite at your company.

Depending on the type of business you operate, your consumer involvement will vary. Perhaps a clothing store could allow shoppers to participate in a fashion show. Obviously, there would need to be an adequate professional registration and screening process. Consumers who sign-up, as contestants, are likely to only purchases from the store that has the most excellent contests. Likewise, consumers who are enthusiastic about wanting to showcase your stores’ clothes, will surely want to buy them.

Marketing for customer inclusiveness, can also be applied to businesses in food service. If you operate a restaurant, or other food service business, then you might want to hold a draw, for at least ten customers, which offers a complimentary cooking lesson. This culinary demonstration would feature the main chef, of the eatery, and encourage attendees to prepare meals at the event.  Also, guests should receive copies of recipes, from the session, to take home with them.

Supermarkets, or superstores, could offer a shopping-spree to a lucky shopper. This privilege could be offered to every 100th shopper, daily or weekly. Smaller venues could offer prizes, or discounts, to customers who frequently redeem coupons at the store. In Toronto, great coupons can be obtained from:

Service related companies could request customer reviews. Prizes could be offered for the best written comments, on improvement. It is surely better to request comments / constructive criticism, rather than to have complaints brought by disgruntled customers. A competition, for the best submitted suggestions, will encourage consumers to share their opinions. It will also simultaneously promote your business. Consumers will be happy to offer suggestions for service / product improvement. Customers, who will take the time to write a well-written remark, are loyal and committed to the improvement of your company.

Businesses, in the same shopping mall, could merge campaigns, when developing contests for customers. Patrons, who shop at the mall, will be more apt to shop there regularly; if they know they will be eligible to win a contest, or even a prize. Even competing companies, could participate in a similar customer reward / loyalty process. Visitors to the mall might regularly buy, from one company or  another. Occasionally, a loyal customer will want to sample a competing company’s products. Competition is a great way to generate business for many companies.


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