Song of Balance

Can you hear the song of balance that is all around you; wherever you are in the world? It is a global symphony being played in unison for splendor and joy.

Everyone and everything in the world produces a vibration. The vibration gives off a frequency, which functions rhythmically. It is like there is a global symphony, within which, we are the instruments, or parts of the instruments. We are the strings on the harp, or the harp itself. One affects the rhythm of the entire world & universe, by modes of expression; through one’s thought, speech, action.

One is always within an active orchestra. Whether one chooses to be an instrument, or a part of one – or even the sound of an instrument – does not in any way vary one’s production of sound.

The key to one being in tune with the universe – with the world – is for one to create the sound one is meant to produce. Otherwise, there will a so-called sour note, in the orchestra, which could possibly ruin the entire performance. The entire symphony only generates a pleasing sound, when all instruments are played, and played correctly. Every day the performance begins anew.

The sounds of the morning shapes the song of the entire day. What we think, say and do, causes changes in the sounds of the global, or universal, song. Good thoughts, words and actions enhance, or enrich the sound of the song; and beautify the song itself. Negative thoughts, words and actions can distort the sound of the song.

The song is playing. Whether or not we choose to participate – for our part in the orchestra – the symphony is in session. But our sounds of prayer and learning – for the good – definitely embolden the symphony.

We are all part of a global orchestra. By our very existence we cause vibration and emit energy. Our thoughts shape the world. Our being in the world effects the entire globe and all that is in it and upon it. Knowing how to play an instrument is crucial to being a good musician. Being an expert at playing one’s instrument makes one worthy of playing in an orchestra.

It is best to play one’s instrument well and create great music. This will positively contribute to the harmony of the universe and improve the world, in which we all live in balance.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla


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