How to Portray Professionalism

Being professional, is surely about more than having a degree; if even one is a specialized expert. It is vital your success in business to know how to portray a professional presence. A professional, is one who exudes manners; and who refrains from hearing, or relaying rumors. These two character traits might be one in the same. Gossiping is not becoming of one who has manners. Professionals must set an example of acceptable behavior for everyone with whom they come into contact.

Speaking softly, or at a moderate tone of voice, standing upright with good posture, and walking as to demonstrate much confidence; are among some of the many attributes of a professional. Saying only what is necessary, and not engaging excessive conversation, is the way of a professional. Having a profession and practicing it, requires positive characteristics, in addition to one having a designation.

Mannerisms, steadiness of one’s voice and one’s ability to focus, while engaged in discussion, are components of professionalism. One’s attire, and the way one wears it, displays the confidence of a specialist. One’s clients will envisage one, based on one’s appearance, one’s use of vocabulary, and the clarity of one’s speech.

Well-groomed hair and trimmed unguis’s, in addition to clean hands and face, are the basic requirements for every person. A professional must surpass the basic standard. If one decides to wear cologne or perfume, one should do so sparingly. One should promote a delicate, yet alluring fragrance. Some deodorants and antiperspirants include aftershave, or other complimentary scents. These should be one’s chosen scents, for daily usage.

Fresh breath is also quite important, especially, if one will meet directly with clients. One should have mouthwash and real mints handy; as one might need to refresh one’s breath at anytime. Preferably, before meeting with clients, one should ensure one’s breath is fresh.

Also one’s office should exude a welcoming fragrance. Freshly brewed coffee, or flavored (steeped) tea should always be available for clients. The aroma, of brewing coffee, creates a sense of comfort and warmth, within one’s professional setting. A welcoming scent is an invitation of welcome, to guests. A professional always portrays superior hospitality, to one’s clients, which should always be treated as guests.

To display the best professional presence be sure to dress for success. Stand tall and exhibit great poise. Walk like you own the place in every place you go. Be a professional who is in control of your environment, wherever you may find yourself being.


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