How to Stay Stress Free

A friend of mine related a phrase to me the other day, which just seemed to make the most sense: “Your problem shall never become my problem.” These words of wisdom might seem to some people, to be an odd or insignificant expression. Or these words might be the key to a gateway to serenity and calm for one to stay free of stress.

Oftentimes, people will ask each other: “How are you doing?”, or “How’s your day going?” The person asking, is likely just being polite, and does not sincerely care how one is doing. The inquiring person is not really concerned if one’s day is going well, or not. These pleasantries are general terms of communication, which are regularly expressed, for people to seem courteous towards one another. Suppose one asked an acquaintance: “How’s business?” and their associate replied: “Businesses is not going well. Expenses are high, profits are low and no customers.” What response should one offer as reply to such statements?

Perhaps one would be at loss for words. While one wants to be sociable; one surely does not want to hear gripes, from acquaintances, or from strangers. If one were to visit a hair salon and one made chit chat, with the hairstylist, or barber – just to pass the time – then one is not interested in being burdened with the stylists’ issues. The conversation is just idle chatter.

To be be genuine, should one preface one’s banter with a caveat? Perhaps one should preface one’s inquiries with a clause,   such as:  “For the purpose of being polite, but not with sincere concern…et cetera.” Would such phrases seem rude, or absurd? Perhaps such bluntness would seem impolite. But one must evaluate what form of discussion one prefers? Is it better to have a conversation that materializes into a counselling session, or to only have a short dialogue?

Depending on the type of relationship that one has with someone, one could determine, how to best initiate only a mild discussion, or a in-depth conversation.  Likewise, depending on one’s familiarity with one’s associate, one will know which subjects will elicit a moderate or extensive reply. Certainly, one must balance being cordial, without allowing others to impose their problems upon oneself.

To stay stress free one needs to occupy one’s mind and body with relaxing activities. Being active reduces stress levels and promotes overall well-being. Regular exercise, meditation and yoga are great options for a stress free regiment.


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