How to Be a Good Guest

To be a good guest is possibly dependent on one attending at the residence of a great host / hostess. There are surely some character traits, which a good guest should exemplify. Obviously proper table manners are expected, if a meal is being served. More than etiquette when chewing one’s food or when drinking one’s beverage, there is an expected decorum of one’s guests by one’s host / hostess.

During an introduction and throughout the dialogue, as a fitting guest one should be polite and reply to questions asked about one’s employment and general personal details. One should not, however, offer more information than is being requested. Definitely, do not dominate the discussion with your personal details. Your host / hostess will want to get to know you, while inquiring about you as a matter of being pleasant. But one’s host has not nominated you as the official speaker of the event. Less talking and more eating is probably the best approach to a first meeting, anyway.

The meal or hors d’oeuvres should be partaken of in moderation. One will want to express thanks for the great food and beverage, so one will need to eat and drink, in order to accurately offer an opinion of the quality of the provisions.  One should not, however, consume vast quantities of food or drink. Certainly, one does not want to seem like a glutton. Knowing how much to consume, is a key question for a good guest.

Whatever the initial amount of food and beverage one is offered should be accepted gratefully. One should ingest most of what has been served, but be sure to leave over a small amount on one’s plate and in one’s glass. A demonstration of temperance is a wonderful quality for one to possess.

One should observe the amount of food and drink being offered to other guests and their level of indulgence and set one’s pace, accordingly. While eating or drinking each course, however, be sure to leave over a small amount.

One should definitely compliment one’s host for the great rations with sincerity. Be sure to have an actual reason for the admiring comment. Otherwise, one will be viewed as artificial. Genuine comments are always welcomed. Before expressing a flattering remark, pause, think about how the words will actually sound when said aloud. Then, while smiling and making eye contact, offer your words of praise for the great food, drink or ambiance of the event. This is a basic strategy for being a good guest.


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