Communication Strategies

Communication strategies for dealing with disgruntled customers on the phone require specialized training. To deliver high quality customer service on the phone one must utilize one’s listening skills to compensate for the lack of body language.

Inflection in the voice of the customer could be an indication of satisfaction or displeasure with the service one has received so far from the company. Regardless of how the customer sounds on the phone the customer service representative has an obligation to be polite. Smiling comes through in the sound of one’s voice so smile continuously throughout the telephone call.

No matter what dialogue ensues during the telephone communication, if the customer service representative remains upbeat and sound positive, then the customer will remain calm or become subdued eventually.

Communication strategies that work well include listening clearly before responding to any issue. Being polite at all times and using optimal verbal reasoning.

Here are some humorous examples of replies that customer service representatives can use during a difficult telephone call:

“My supervisor is, otherwise occupied, with ideas fantastical. His focus on the subject of his directed attention, is for him, of main interest to him, only. To detract him from his focused and concerted fixation of elation, would be, for me, an issue of hesitation that is rooted in regurgitation.”

“On a balance of probabilities, the possibility that I will be able to assist you, is beyond determination. But if you would like my help, then we can commence from a joint point of reference.”

Humor aside being slightly evasive can initially be helpful when dealing with an argumentative customer. By not meeting the customer head on and instead diverting attention from the main issue one can resolve smaller components of the overall issue at hand. Dealing with minor matters can eventually lead to a complete resolution of the major cause of concern.

Listening more than speaking is a key component to maintaining a strong client relationship. Ask questions sparingly. It is good inquire by posing queries. But you do not want to open a can a worms by asking questions that may lead the customer to complain about additional matters.

Most importantly take scrupulously notes on everything the customer says and highlight major and minor points. Be certain you write down the customers complete name, address, phone number and e-mail contact. Getting fax number is a bonus and may prove helpful if they insisting on immediate written replies from senior staff members.


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