How to Deal With New Customers

A new customer does not know the level of quality service and / or product that you can provide. To be successful in any business you need to be know how to deal with new customers. During an initial interview with a potential client do not oversell your capabilities or deliverables. How to deal with a new customer. If you offer too much information in the first discussion, then the potential client might not need to hire you, since you will have volunteered the details sought.

To maintain professionalism, ask many specific questions about the proposed project and determine how you can positively contribute to it. Once you understand the full scope of the assignment, be sure you know how you can assist in making it successful. Also, set your price in line with standard industry rates for similar work. Do not set your price too high, and definitely do not charge less than is typically billed for the same task.

Once you have agreed on a price for the project and your general deliverables with the prospective client, specify what you will provide, in an itemized list. Be careful to not provide too much information. This approach could potentially make your services unnecessary, for future projects with this client. If the customer has all of your contacts and all of your designs, for example, then the customer will not need to employ you again.

While you want to do a great job for your new consumer, you also want to maintain continuity, in the business relationship. This is only possible if you produce good work, which will cause the customer to want to receive even better work, from you on future projects. As you continue to generate progressively better work for the client, the client will value your output. The client will want to carry on the business association with you. If you do not want to work for the client long-term, then be sure to set a reasonable price, which is in line with your competitors, for a comparable assignment.

When dealing with any new customers it is most important to be be patient and to answer any questions as though they were being asked for the first time, because the customer is in fact doing so; since they are new to your company. Being patient and thorough in delivering quality service is essential to ensuring a new customer will become a regular client of your business.



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