Domain Name Game

Who would ever have thought that combinations of letter and varied arrangements of words would have such a high value? The initial cost to purchase an online presence – in the way of a domain name game – could range from buck to fifty dollars, depending on the registrar and the domain extension.

Now there are plans for new domain extensions, to be specific to various cities. These so-called new extensions are really recycled country domains that have been relinquished and due to their stylish incorporation for certain cities are being so applied to them. There are also plans for industry specific extensions to be released soon.

Is there really a good reason to pay up to fifty dollars for a city specific extension for your domain name when the mainstay names are still around? Perhaps the massive expansion of domain extensions – which will seemingly appear to be specific to a various cities – provide all of the more value to extension that are demonstrative of a company / business.

These extensions usually range from a dollar to ten, or perhaps less, depending on the time of day when a discount is available. Usually, from midnight onwards the great offers are listed on the registrar’s main page. Even if you manage to obtain a great deal on your initial discounted domain from a special offer, it is unlikely the computer system will permit additional markdowns for further purchases. There are various online special offer codes for various registrars, which can be found if you do a basic online search.

When buying your dream domain name be sure to read all of the accompanying contracts and terms of service. Some registrars offer a return policy within a certain number of days after purchase. If purchasing from a domain registry outside of your country of residence you might incur a currency conversion fee on our credit card. Therefore, maintaining store credit – that might have been obtained from a refund or otherwise – could be a good idea to avoid paying this fee for a future purchase.

Now that the system of purchasing domains has been partially highlighted, a question arises. How do you know that your domain name is a good one? Is it easy to remember and is it catchy? Is it concise? Is it sellable? What is its resale value? There are various online resources that evaluate the value or worth a of domain name, partially according the frequency of occurrence of the terms contained therein and partly due to the number of searches for this specific phrase. Also, some websites offer tools for evaluation of word usage and compare and contrast the frequency of words in a term.

Be sure that you choose a reliable registry, which offers great customer service. This is perhaps the most important component of being a savvy player in the domain name game. Since you might be buying more than one domain name, you want to know that the representatives with whom you will be speaking are trained to be friendly and helpful in offering discounts and notifying you of useful promotions that would benefit you. If you choose to play the domain name game, be sure you understand the rules and seek as much professional assistance as possible.


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