Key to Success in the World of Domains

When buying products or services, being the recipient of great customer service, is the key to success for establishing a brand.  Especially in the arena of domain names, and website services, superior communication is the most valuable commodity. For any venture in the realm of technology, where complexities can seem overwhelming and jargon has its own specialized terminology, one should be sure to buy services and products from a company that cares and whose employees have great communication skills – above all others, the trait of patience.

Buying a domain name is a highly sophisticated process. Firstly, one must research key terms, and emerging trends, in the marketplace and then determine how a coined phrase can be generated, which  would nicely fit into a domain name. Secondly, one needs to try to register the name and to obtain a suitable and relevant extension (DOT WHATEVER) for it. Buying the domain at  the lowest possible price should be the prime directive, but one should be more focused on the registrar from whom one will purchase it. Support in forwarding the domain to your blog, or to a name server for hosting, can be a great exercise in learning for a novice to the world of internet technology. While for the seasoned web developer this would be a simple task. Either way, open communication with one’s registrar is important. Real customer service includes good communicators, who will be of great value to one’s sanity, in the seemingly complex process of buying and managing one’s new domain.

One should do thorough research before utilizing the services a so-called free website service and complimentary hosting. The terms of service need to be clearly defined at the onset to prevent any confusion later on. If you create a free website or receive free hosting, will you have access to the file manager where your website is hosted? Will you have permission to transfer your website to another host? What files will be exportable and which ones will be maintained with the hosted file? All of these questions should be asked before creating your website. Always read the terms of service and other related agreements from your service provider. There could be terms that would be of great value to use as the customer contained in the agreement for service. While these contracts are quite lengthy and perhaps intentionally so, one should spend the time to review them and know what one is actually to before just clicking the ok button.

Deciding whether one should pay an additional fee upon registration, for privacy on one’s ownership of their domain, is only one of many concerns, which one will want advice on, from a customer service representative. Whether one should forward their domain with a temporary or permanent status and whether one should have subdomain forwarding are among many tasks to ponder. Another query is if forwarding should be done with masking or not. One will want to talk over all of these matters and many others with a technical expert. Usually, one can edit their contact details in the domain control panel, but it seems that some valid contact information must be listed there –  as per the rules.

The rules do not seem, however, to dictate that one must forward their domain to a website, or blog that will be hosted, or to a free blogspot. Here, in this decision, one can feel content in one’s choice for redirecting their domain name. But one should be cautious as to how many domains one will direct to the same website, and be careful about syndicating the same post to many of one’s own blogs. While one will want to get the word out, some search engines will penalize such efforts; by not listing the posting, or by ranking it very low in the search results. These are only some of the many questions, over which one might ponder, when entering the world of domains. Most importantly, Customer Service is the Key to Success in the World of Domains.


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