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Where is the place to be with the most fun activities to enjoy? Some people prefer the beach, while others like shopping. For those who prefer swimming and surfing, perhaps cities with prominent beaches are the most lucrative. Such cities might in include L.A. For the savvy shopper, however, a city such as New York City would be the place to be.

Where is the place to be online? Now that New York City has received its own domain extension, it will certainly have a lot of online traffic. While the domain extension for L.A. have been all the hype online, it is not clear, as yet, if the City has officially accepted the domain extension. Whereas, in New York the mayor, has been a proud supporter of a domain expansion for his city. Perhaps that is why New York City is really the City that does not sleep.

There is always exponential growth in this city. From having the best stores at which to shop for the latest fashions to having a thriving and highly diverse real estate industry. Where else can you get the best pizza at any hour of the day or night and eat-in on site at the restaurant? It just seems like there is a constant pulsating rhythm to this place that exudes excitement and joy.

Perhaps that is why even before the release of the domain augmentation for New York City there is not just not hype, but a great amount of sincere interest in acquiring domain names for this central hub of commerce. From a mild perusal on the internet one can see the vast amount of domain registrar’s who are already accepting requests for advanced registration of much desired domain names. At last count,  one such registry has more than 35,000 requests,  so far, for domain names that are not yet officially for sale.

Initially to qualify for registration of the new domain extension for New York City one had to be a resident of New York City or own a business in New York. Now that many of the popular domain names at this extension have filled up the domain extension is available to anyone that wants to register a domain name at a dot NYC (New York City). You can promote your business with style as though you were a New Yorker, even if you do not live in New York City. Be known as being a member of the city that never sleeps, even if you live somewhere else.



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