Domain Name Craze is Crazy

The Domain Name Craze is Crazy! One can easily become overwhelmed when considering the purchase of a domain name for their business or for resale at auction. One could search for a key phrase that relates the products or services offered by their company and try to buy a relevant domain for approximately ten dollars. If one is making their purchase at an opportune time of day, when some registrars offer discounts, then one could possibly acquire a domain for as little as ninety-nine cents, or one dollar or six dollars, instead of the customary rate of between ten dollars and up.

For new domains with specialty extensions for various cities and special category extensions, the rate for a domain can range from forty to fifty dollars from a registry to up to two hundred dollars from the registry. Also, one could buy a domain from an online auction, hosted by a registry. The registry takes ten to thirty percent, depending on the set price of the domain, plus other administrative fees. A purchaser need not be concerned about these costs, as they are usually billed to the seller of the domain. A purchaser should inquire, before bidding on a domain,  with the seller and the registry, which is listing the domain for sale, to determine if there are any additional fees, in excess of domain’s listed price.

Some domains are quite expensive and are listed on unique auction websites, while others are available through brokers. It might seem strange to discover that domains are similar to real estate, as both industries seem to have brokers who represent the property in exchange for a commission. A domain name is an online address and hence is also property. With some domains having been sold for $35 million dollars, surely a domain name can be a very valuable property. As with any type of property purchase one would surely want the best agent who will endlessly promote one’s domain name at the highest possible price while expecting the lowest commission. More than this, one wants an agent / broker who has a vast network for advertising the domain to be listed. Also, the preferred agent will know about all of the fees involved in this type of transaction and most definitely know how to negotiate, which is surely a unique skill.

As a real property, a domain might only take a one line in the URL bar when searched online, the website connected to it can  range from five to fifty pages. This online property – executive website – can contain articles, images, videos and links to other websites. A website can be a portal to a series of websites in a specific industry. When a website refers visitors to other websites, the process involves linking to others or framing, whereby the other websites pop up within the initial site being viewed. Some domains are forwarded and done with masking, so the domain is not always connected to a website.  Instead, the domain might be forwarded to a blog or in other cases might be forwarded to other websites which pop up simultaneously.


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