Lessons in Domain Name Shopping

Are you ready for some lessons in domain name shopping. Some registrars will register your initial domain name for as little as one dollar. Additional domain registrations can range upwards of $400 or more per domain. Also, even while the preliminary purchase might have seem to be a great buy, upgrades such as domain forwarding are often not included with securing of the domain name. As well, forwarding could only be permitted to an IP address, but not to a BlogSpot. Tools to build and host a website can cost much more than with more traditional registrars.

Major players in the domain name registration process usually offer a more transparent process for buying and returning domains. Some registrars will issue a refund for a domain within 5 days without implementing a fee for the return and in some cases will require a small fee of $2 or so to issue refunds within up to 40 days. To be sure about the policies of each registrar be sure to fully read and review their terms of service and other agreements that can be found on their website. It is best to do this reading before purchasing any products or services.

When buying domain names be sure to take scrupulous notes of any discussions you have with customer service representatives, as you may need to rely on the specific wording of a phrase or suggestion to receive the service that was promoted.  Also, carefully note the wording of a discount / offer code and any coupon identification numbers, as well as their restrictive dates for valid redemption.

Some registrars issue coupons almost automatically and even though you might receive a seemingly legitimate discount of whatever percentage off the regular price, oftentimes these savings will only be applied to new customer orders. Your IP address, login ID and customer number indicate to the registrars so-called computerized coupon issuing and processing system, if you are a new customer, as well as how many times who redeemed a coupon and the type of savings program from which you had already received a benefit.

Be sure to partner with a business colleague that has a separate IP Address to ensure that you can maximize your savings. Also, a business partner is valuable for perspective when choosing domain names, which are essentially brand identities. Whenever you shop be sure to clearly read the labels and any disclaimers; including the detailed in store and online return policy.


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