Are you as confused and excited about the new TLD’s (Top-Level Domains) as I am?

With so many new domain extensions to potentially be released – up to 700 – how can you not be enthralled at this massive change to the online world?

But when are these domain extensions going to be available to the public? Is there a schedule or timeline? What will be the cost per domain and extension? Who will set the prices? Earlier today I spoke with a representative who told me that the domain extensions will be divided and assigned to various registrars. I was not able to obtain anymore information other than finding out that there are updates about available about the domain expansion, which can be viewed on the following links:        /

If you scroll to the bottom of either of the pages to be found on the links noted above, then you can sign-up to stay connected to receive updates, such as news alerts, newsletters and much more.

To find out the status of any of the new TLD’s (Top Levels Domains or Extensions) search the extension on this link:

It is interesting to note, that initially 1930 applications were submitted for approval of new Top Level Domains.

According to “With the new gTLD program approximately 1,500 new extensions will be launched between the end of 2013 and the end of 2015.”

According to “The competition for some of the new domains will be fierce. So to increase your chances of getting the domain name you want, we suggest you pre-register. For all pre-registration phases, GoDaddy will automatically submit your application to the registry the instant the phase opens. Which means you’ll be at the front of the line to claim your new name.” Godaddy proclaims that “With the introduction of new gTLDs, you have a fresh chance to get the domain name you really want. Because many of the new domain extensions are specific to particular industries, interests, or locations your web address can now tell people exactly what you do (or where you do it). This makes the new domains easy to remember and you easier to find online.”

Here you can find the list of New Domains or New gTLDs organized by categories, alphabetically, and/or by status.

New domain names are available for almost every industry. Having a domain name at top level generic domain name extension is an optimal way to rank your website




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