Myth of Business Transactions

A business transaction, such as buying a home, can be a joyful experience. If the seller is upfront about the price they expect and direct about their negotiation flexibility, the sale process can be one of clarity rather than a confusing mess. Whether a seller is planning to sell their own home, or if they are going to utilize the services of an agent, the home owner needs to know and share their expectations for a sale price and all of their planned negotiation stages. The myth of business transactions is that they are actually as they appear to be on the surface.

A potential buyer should also be forthcoming with their agent, or be so directly with the seller, as to terms, prices and timelines. This will ensure a smooth transaction, rather than a long drawn out game of labyrinth. Potential buyers for any product or service and in every industry have their own angle in the game of business transactions. Buyers want more service or a better product at lower price. They will often want the best possible payment terms, which are long and drawn out, so they can keep their money longer in an interest bearing account. Perhaps they just use the extend payment process as a means of control during the transaction.

Oftentimes a seller or buyer is more interested in being invested in a negotiation process and all of the flare of the business hustle, then the actual closed deal. An agent with the right finesse should be able to determine the angles of the seller and buyer before acting for either of them and prior to introducing one to the other.

A professional agent will ask a series of questions to establish rapport with their client and to determine the clients’ expectations and knowing the comprise points for the client. These points are terms on which the client is willing to negotiate. Also, a capable agent will know absolute bargain base on which their client will ultimately be will to either pay for or sell their home.

The entire transaction is almost like a dance, having a set number of steps, a required rhythm and flow. Certainly, both dance partners must know the steps and sequence of the dance. Otherwise, the dance theme will just appear as awkward series of moves leading nowhere and of no point or purpose.

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