Internet Expansion Funding

How will Internet expansion funding be provided? With many pre-registration registrars offering to pre-register a domain for one of the new extensions and charging fees upwards of a hundred and twenty dollars, one might need to take out a loan to be able to afford the domain names one wants to acquire. Are there, actually, brokers or lenders who will issue loans or credit to domainers for the purchase of a domain name? One lender that will grant a loan with the domain name as collateral is: Lend.Me. The domain name is used as collateral, similarly to house or property is put up for a mortgage? While there are so many great new extensions and so many uncertainties about the actual cost to buy a new domain name for a new extension.

While there are clearly set prices for pre-registrations, there seems to be much ambiguity about the actual cost of a new domain name with one of the new extensions. Also, after pre-registration for a new domain extension there is no guarantee that once one has pre-registered that one will actually be able to buy their intended domain. Reasons for this abound with explanations such as there could be a bidding competition for the new domain at the new extension. Where many pre-registrants have pre-registered with various registrars for the same domain name, the domain name will be put to auction and then sold to the highest bidder. This process hardly seems fair.

Speaking of all things being unequal in the new domain name frenzy, if a company holds a trademark on a phrase then they can dispute the registration of a domain by someone else and also claim the domain name as their own. Therefore, if one really wants to guarantee that they will be the successful recipient of a certain domain name at a certain extension, then one only needs to register a trademark for the phrase – that is if the phrase is not already registered. This does not seem fair either. Where must one register a trademark, considering that the internet is global? Hence the phrase World Wide Web, which precedes most domain names in the URL bar.

If one is located in one country, does one have an obligation to register a trademark in their country of residence or in multiple countries? The domain name will be viewed online globally and the trademark could be infringed if the phrase in the domain name is broadcast on the internet. Moreover, can one register a trademark at a lower cost in a foreign country, which is not their country of residence, and also register a business associated with this trademark in that country and then be privy to the rights of a trademark holder. These are some of the many questions and concerns that remain, to be explained, during this frenzy of the Internet’s largest expansion ever.


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