Business Models That Do Not Shine

Primary issues with so-called leaders in the telecommunications industry include; top management actually having little or no technological expertise. Top management may present new technological breakthroughs, as being their own idea or initiative. While in reality, new technological developments, within a said telecom company, are usually conceived of by X-teams (mid-level specialized social communicators who create alliances with suppliers and distributors). These employees are usually not given recognition for their accomplishments.  This approach is highly problematic, especially when new technologies, including new applications, are displayed at a public forum. Obviously these are examples of  business models that do not shine.

While top management, at telecom companies, are experts in financial management, and in building global alliances with hardware and software suppliers, they are not tech savvy. If an X-team member was to demonstrate how to use a new device, or application, to all top management staff, then perhaps upper-level managers would then have some understanding as to how to use a new technology. But when it comes to public demonstrations, for hands-on use of a new device / application, top management staff are oblivious. It would not be unreasonable to believe that upper level management might even outsource training on new technologies to a foreign company; rather than utilize the expertise of X-team members.

As with every large corporation, there are figureheads who showcase to the media.  These professionals are experts in spinning perceptions about the company and industry to be however them project them to be, regardless of the reality of the condition of the industry. Behind these figureheads are ‘spin doctors’ who are real brains of the operation. To shape market conditions and to repair issues with perceptions about the industry or the specific company they will compose and share press releases with the media in a timely fashion.

There are also financial wizards who forecast earnings prospectuses and crunch numbers. “A shinning happy pretty face, or wise accountant does not a tech-expert make.” Such business models do not shine! Every function, at a telecom company, is categorized, by level of management; including technological developments and their practical usability. Unfortunately,  “tekkies” are not interviewed by the media, and are not usually called upon to display new technological developments. In the realm of technological advances good looks are not the key to financial growth; as much as key items of product sales, which are solely based on the practical use of a new device or application.


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