The Real Internet

What if the real internet that is more of an internal network of mind and space?

Perhaps the Internet is modelled after an internal network of interconnectivity of thought. The real internet is a spiritual communications system where we are all really connected and truly communicate our real emotions and feelings without limit. Possibly the connection portals are levels, and the ports are areas of mindspace. Being on the right wavelength as others who are like-minded thereby connects one to others.

So we must inquire as to how does ones plug-in to the network? To answer this question let us pose other queries. Why is it that when one reads the same book as someone else, one will, seemingly at random, meet that someone and then compare notes on the quality of the book? Or why is it that when two people are thinking of each other, one will call the other? It is because both people are thinking on the same wavelength.

This synchronicity is a result of connections being realized by people who are connected to the same general port by their personality, thoughts and feelings. There character traits and shared history may also be contributing factors to their apt connectivity with one another.

Is this just happenstance or is there a science behind the connections we share with others, whether or not we are aware of our interrelations? There may be a science to it and the scientific method through a series of tests could explain our connections with other people who share similar interests.

Perhaps our world is not so easily testable as we may like to believe. There may be non-tangible and non-testable factors, such as thought, which do not necessarily include electrical impulses or outputs that shape reality for each person. If other people share these thoughts, then they may be drawn to like-minded individuals, almost through a seemingly magnetic process. All of the above-stated processes, may be unknown to each person and be an unconscious drawing or calling of similar souls. If the spiritual reality is real for some people, then then may be said to be metaphysically in tune with others and most importantly with themselves. Knowing who one is a person may alter or change one’s connections and options for connecting with others.

If the whole world is a series of frequencies and one has only to tap into the right one, then one is actually a converter of energy and is a conduit of the mainframe.


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