The Bingo Lingo

Every arena of our interactions has a unique lingo. Whether for the study of religion or science, or some other area of inquiry, there is a unique set of terms for each specific grouping. Knowing the key terms of a dialect is essential to be able to survive and to thrive in a profession and in a set society where this set language is shared amongst its members. Essentially, if one does not have a grasp of the bingo lingo, then one will seem to others as a bimbo.

In the realm of business, key terms and phrases are given meanings by specialists in various categories of administration. Mutual Fund traders, stock brokers, agents for home purchases, accountants and business owners will utilize trendy and coded expressions, amongst themselves and during interactions with clients. The inside coded words are generally used for expediency in conducting business transactions. The use of lingo among customers is to demonstrate their superior expertise in their industry to would-be buyers.

What are some of these idioms, which can make some seem as experts and others seems as idiots? ‘Buck’ as in save a buck, ‘limit’ as in the top price or value for stocks, ‘split’ as in share commissions and ‘portfolio’ as in one’s diverse financial position. Even in trade related occupations and among customer service industries, common expressions are used. Waiters and bartenders will refer to a CHIT as a list of products in the process of being served and sold, but not yet rung into the cash register. Even artists and poets will parade words into phrases that they intend to have one meaning among fellow artisans and to have other meanings for the general populace.

To be able to function and excel in your society you must know what is meant by what is said. Likewise you should say what you mean and know your audience and how what you say will be interpreted. Otherwise, you will easily be confused and will perhaps inadvertently confuse others. Of all you say every word is heard. Make sure that you are listened to and understood. You must speak clearly so that what you are saying is being communicated properly. There is no point to speak for the purpose of displacing air and causing vibrations in the ether. Make a good vibration and be heard clearly.

Speak clearly and proudly and ensure that your message is well received by your audience.



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