Professional Syndrome

While some people may hold themselves in high esteem, for having completed a professional designation through post-secondary study; this air of superiority is an illusion. Do you know if you are affected by the professional syndrome?

Is there really any career, other than a profession, such as a doctor, lawyer, engineer or pharmacist, for which one cannot train on the job? Within three to six months, maximum, one can learn the necessary skills and develop relevant aptitudes to become capable and proficient in almost any career.

If all of the above is presumably correct, then why do aspiring students pay high tuition costs and compete to gain entry into various programs of study, at various universities and colleges? Perhaps, the status bestowed on one for earning a diploma, or degree is enough to make one believe that one is spending one’s money wisely.

While enrolled in a supposedly professional program, one will subjected to rigorous reading, constant studying and be required to complete numerous assignments. Will one actually remember any of the information in the many textbooks one read? Are the assignments, in a course of study, actual preparation for work assignments that one will need to complete during one’s career? Also are the tests one will need to write really testing for one’s mastery of the material covered during the course?

What if the programs are managed by elitist’s who will determine, based on abstract reasons, which students can graduate? Even if one completes all of the work expected for their program, perhaps one will not be permitted to graduate. Moreover, even if one does graduate, it is not certain that one will be allowed to register with the relevant licensing authority for one’s career.

To be sure that you will be choosing wisely for your course of study, inquire as to graduation rates for a program you intend to enroll in, before paying tuition or other fees. Also, find out how statistics on program enrollment versus graduates. This is the real key indicator of the successful educational training provided by the school of higher learning. Before enrolling at a post-secondary institution one needs to learn about one’s potential for success at the possible school for study.

Upon graduation, hopefully, one will find, secure and maintain employment. To be sure that one will be successful at one’s work one must be able to complete the required tasks at one’s job. During one’s course of one’s education program one should have taken the right program and courses within it to adequately prepare one to be successful in the real world of employment and career progression.

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