The Sounds of Change

Are there sounds that change you? Do you have a favorite song, wedding tune, or recall a first date song which set the tone of your relationship? Of all the jingles on television commercials, radio ads and new releases on the pop charts, sounds shape us.

What effect do sounds have on society at large? Some cultures have common theme songs for special occasions; while others have songs that express a sense of national pride. Do songs always empower us? More so, do sounds certainly embolden us?

With the constant ringing of cell phones everywhere, can one have any quiets moments, while out an about? Sounds of texting and tweets, on electronic devices, can sound like a symphony, at times and sound like a bombardment of fuzz, at other times.

Cell phones, PDA’s, Tablets and other handheld communication devices contain various sounds. Some are used as alarms, other sounds for notifications of e-mails or as reminders for appointments. All of these sounds, while presumably meant to be useful and beneficial can ensnare the owner in madness. By jumping and running every time one hears a ping or bell notifying them of an e-mail and / or the phone actually ringing due to a phone call, one can easily become a candidate for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Some sounds can have a positive influence on one’s life. Music is a blend of various sounds in harmony and with rhythm. Music seems to elicit emotions in the listener. It brings about celebration and dance. Music is at the heart of cultural events and community gatherings.

Can sounds shape our thoughts and speech? Can sound hypnotize us? Does it mesmerize us? Could sound be used to influence society as a whole? Does the sound of the voice of prominent speaker have as much or more influence, on the audience, then the content of the speech? Perhaps the right tone, inflection of voice, patterns of speaking; and the continuous flow of words, can grasp our endless attention.

The correct projection of one’s professional presence can maintain the focus of listeners. But can the words of a great speech soothe one’s feelings, or uplift one to a level of invigoration? Of all of the sounds one hears throughout the day, and over one’s years of speaking and listening; the sound most precious to oneself is one’s own voice. Does this knowledge open one’s mind to a new perspective, on the power of sound?

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