Phenomenology Revisited

And so begin the ramblings. What if the effect is the cause and the cause brings about the effect? If all thoughts occur as a result of those to whom we connect, then our thoughts are not ours any way. Cognition is a state of mind. The mind is being, not solely in the brain; but instead consciousness existing as mind space. Thoughts that seem to be one’s original cognitive process, actually being those of others; and likewise the inverted reverse.

How is mindspace connected? Are there pathways – connectors that circuit one mind to another – or a network of minds? Are the thoughts distributed to collective ports, which connect to one portal; which is the main conduit? Does one draw to oneself certain minds through one’s thoughts, or lack thereof? Or is the process based on one’s food intake? Perhaps, one is set inside of a program that is looping on a reel.

If there is a construct, then it could function through the inputting of a code into its database. The code would be capable of shaping and redesigning the construct. Is the code a series of numbers, set of words, symbols; or is the construct changed by trill level? If there are uneven levels, then can they be brought to a state of balance? Will balancing some levels of the construct in one area, perhaps cause a fluctuation, to the flow of energy, in the overall construct structure? Can one unbalanced state – becoming balanced – cause an imbalance?

Perhaps we share a collective consciousness. If so, then all  thoughts matter. We need, as a global whole, as a totality to improve our thoughts and think better more useful and more important thoughts.

What is in our mind becomes projected into the real of reality. We do not know where our thoughts will become part of the material world or how exactly the process of thought realization occurs. But we must all strive to think great thoughts to ensure that good things happen in the world.

We want to have a great society. The real world or the physical world begins in the mind. Encourage yourself and other people to think good thoughts and to focus their ideas for the mutual benefit of society.

Your community is influenced by your thoughts and speech, which results from your thinking process. Be sure that the words you say are the one’s you want said. Once something is spoken out loud it becomes part of the world. Think before you speak.


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