Power of a Smile

What is the effect of a smile? Is it temporary or long-lasting.  I recently began to wonder about the impact of one person’s effort for being positive and friendly on one’s immediate surroundings and the world, as a whole. The other day I was in the elevator. Like most times I walked into the elevator and selected the button for my floor. Initially I did not speak to anyone else who was in the elevator.

Then a very friendly person came into the elevator. This person was very positive and upbeat. This person’s smile illuminated the elevator. The person said “Hello…” What I found amazing was the effect of this person’s smile and friendly countenance had on the other people, including myself, who were in the elevator. We all began to smile. I do not know how the others people in the elevator felt. But I felt great.

Then this smiling, shinning-happy person left the elevator when it reached the correct floor. I still felt happy and uplifted. Then the other people said “Goodbye”, and “Have a nice day” to each of the other people who were in the elevator, upon each person leaving at the specific floor. I even said “Have a great day”, to one person, upon that persons’ leaving the elevator.

From this encounter I realized that if one is happy as oneself, then can bring joy to others. Each person has an energy about them. This energy can effect the energy fields around them for improvement. A smile, a kind word or just feeling happy can make a world of difference to oneself and to others. Every person is part of the world. The world is place.

It is incumbent upon every person to shape their environment by their thoughts, speech and actions. The words that a person says are important. But how a person presents oneself to other people is sometimes more communicative of their feelings, than the words they actually say. Body language is highly communicative, possibly constituting more than sixty percent of communication; by expressing inner feelings and thoughts.

Every person can change how they feel. A happy feeling felt in oneself can create joy for many others, and bring happiness to the world. So if you are ever in a place where people are quiet, just smile and people will start to speak out of a wish to share their heartfelt feeling of happiness with others. The power of a smile can brighten the entire world!

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