Rhythm of the Sale

Is there a rhythm to conversations? Is there a pattern to the dialogue of a discussion? Does the tone of speech and inflection affect the way message is delivered to the recipient?

Perhaps there is a rhythm to sales as well. The sound of confident sales person speaking, using relevant industry jargon and expressing one’s voice with enthusiasm is of great comfort to a prospective purchaser. In a way, a relationship is being built through a sales call. Every relationship has two or more parties. To be successful both parties or more must clearly understand the mutual needs of the other(s) and be willing to work towards catering to them.

A potential customer will be more likely to complete a purchase, if the sales person has good manners and cheerful countenance. The ability to make small talk and to speak in terms that are relevant to the prospective customer’s interests will prove valuable in securing a sale. A one-off  is not the goal of a seasoned sales professional. Instead, a true sales guru will want to build a long-term relationship for multiple sales well into the future.

As long as the salesperson ensures that goods are delivered on time and on budget the customer will be satisfied and want to buy many items through the same salesperson. Rapport and fulfilled sales orders are the essential key to an open door of a continuous sales process.

It is important that the sales pitch be concise yet informative. The sales person should speak in an upbeat manner and definitely be smiling. Even if the consumer cannot see through the phone; a smiling representative will project a joyful presence, which gets transmitted through vibrations through the line. Sitting up straight, maintaining good posture and taking notes on the customers comments are useful strategies for ensuring high sales levels.

There is a rhythm to a sale. Like any interaction, both parties should find the discussion interesting and informative, but not boring. A star sales representative should keep sentences short and to the point and maintain a constant rhythm to their pattern of speech. This will ensure a lower call to sale ratio, with more leads maximized to the fullest potential. Maximized sales will likely result in increased revenues for the soon too be wealthy salesperson. Is this sales guru someone you know or perhaps it is you? Make your best presentation and be enriched by being a rhythmic sales wizard.


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