How many Webinars can there be in a week? Every day I receive invitations to attend webinars on a variety of topics. But how can I choose which one’s are relevant to me personally? How can I determine which one’s offer useful information, which could help me professionally? Perhaps some webinars may not offer useful information and instead are just platforms for sales pitches. .

Should I prepare to take notes during the online seminar, or can I rely on the the presenter to send me slides of his / her presentation? Will I receive a copy of the webinar if I I am unable to attend?

To maximize one’s time one should consider these points and perhaps e-mail the webinar organizer with specific questions before registering for a webinar.

Webinars are an opportunity to interact with many participants via video conference. There is usually an initial presentation by a keynote speaker through video, or the presenter may speak, simultaneously during a slideshow.

Usually webinars exist for the purpose of selling intellectual property, offer advice or sell an online lecture series. Webinars that have a fee may still offer an initial free seminar for the first meeting, as a sample. There is usually very little or no valuable information provided during the first complimentary session.

The sample session is a great opportunity for prospective students to quiz  the host on the value of signing up, as well as a great time to inquire about the structure of the lecture series. Finding out if one will receive a copy of any slides or summaries of each daily or weekly lecture by e-mail is an important query. Also, it is important to know if one can view a recorded video of a missed lecture at a later time and date. Perhaps the host offers access to account where there is a media library that contains all relevant presentation tools, to be accessible by paid members or students upon successful verified login.

During the initial complimentary session one will want to determine if the webinars will fit into one’s schedule and ask if there are alternative schedules, if one is unable to attend at the initial set time. Even if there may be recorded sessions one will most likely want to be able to attend live seminars to be able to ask questions and to be able to hear in real time what other students are asking the host.

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