Big Box Stores Gone Wild

Why do big box stores or department stores spend so much money on marketing and promotion and almost no money on training and retaining staff members? In recent months and years many large chain stores have closed down and some have announced closures.

After spending many millions of dollars in infrastructure, store promotion and training staff, it is a terrible waste if the store doses not stay in business for at least a few years. It may take from five to ten years for some big box stores to actually break even or achieve real profit, after initial investment and paying off loans and / or mortgages.

Lease rates will likely grow upon renewal so the store must not only maintain sales, but must constantly grow sales profits every month and every year. To ensure this goal, daily sales need to be high and shortages for loss prevention need to be minimal or non-existent, at best. This strategy is reliant on employee motivation to achieve and loyalty to the company.

If staff are only paid minimum wage, then how can they be expected to demonstrate great customer service? Instead these unmotivated workers will only perform basic duties as per the job description.

To boost morale and employee commitment to companies employers should offer employee development programs. These could include internal or external training options, such as certificates programs at local colleges or prestigious seminars hosted by popular motivational speakers.

But in a customer service environment customer satisfaction is what counts. This can only be achieved if customers receive a smile, an appropriate greeting and are treated like family. Internal training on how to smile and how to effectively communicate with customers is essential to maintaining customer relationships.

Management must also set an example on how to behave and should treat staff in a cordial way. This could include taking staff out for lunch, hosting staff luncheons.

People want to be spoken to in a cordial manner, feel welcomed and received as though they are appreciated. If customers are not made to feel as though they are valued at a store, then they will not care much about the products, which they can purchase elsewhere.

If one cannot create a positive consumer-friendly environment, then perhaps it would be best for the products to only be sold online or in a warehouse. People shop not only for the item they want to buy, but for the experience of shopping in and of itself.



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