Maximize Your Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization seems to be what all of the buzz is about, nowadays. But is there a sting or a sweet honey aroma for your campaign strategy?

To maximize your online presence and fully promote your company you need to regularly compose quality content that is relevant and current. This means you need to pen articles and blog posts that are interesting and thought provoking. You should write about ideas that are popular in the mainstream media, but with from your own unique perspective.

Strategies for building an online following include regular posts on, which should be shared on the website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and more. Always ensure that you verify the usability of any links that you include for referral social media outlets, as well as official logos for social sharing buttons.

One should strive to have a colorful and organized profile on Tumblr. This account can almost double as landing page, since it looks like a website home page. Likewise, one’s Twitter account should have a relevant photo for the account and have many current tweets.

You need to have a detailed yet easy to understand Facebook business profile. This should include a relevant photo that encapsulates your business theme, a catchy slogan or tagline and a brief description of the main services your business provides. Keep it simple and to the point for maximum visitor to sales conversions.

It is more important to post on LinkedIN, than on Facebook and other general social media outlets. Professional platforms limit the content and ensure relevance for sharing of posts. Rather than trying to make friends, one should try to develop a vast network of business contacts who will become commercial partners. One is surely in business to earn money and not solely to socialize, although this component is a plus as well.

Generating a following of subscribers on LinkedIN by regularly posting articles is a great way to demonstrate one’s expertise in certain area of commerce. This is also an excellent way to find customers and maintain long-term business relationships. One should try to compose diverse content that is interest and speaks to current issues in the business community and specifically to matters relevant one’s area of specialization or niche.

After submitting posts on LinkedIN one can easily share them on Facebook, Twitter, as well as with one’s connections and professionals signed in at the time of the post being listed.


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