From Where Is Creativity Derived?

So you are a designer or a writer and you want to be creative – but you are not sure how to be innovative. In striving to design or script a topic you could perhaps review samples of other work in your industry for inspiration. But in so doing, you might run the risk of possibly copying the work of another; having incorporated the ideas you scanned into your own project.

If you do not utilize work that has already achieved recognition for your inspiration, then how can you come up with new thoughts to inspire your own original creation? You could perhaps employ a new a rarely tried method, which is however quite useful for expressing originality. Let your mind be still for a while, and then focus your thoughts on your ultimate goal. Think only of your final purpose for your project.

If you are an artist and you wish to paint a masterpiece painting, then you need to envision your audience and imagine their impression of your expression via the paint upon the canvas. Should you be a writer, then you must consider your readers and how your words of inspiration will enrich their thoughts. Once you have a shared mindset of your readers you need to immediately begin penning your brilliant thoughts on paper. Do not worry about sentence structure or syntax – just write with all of the passion possible. After you have written all you can, review of your composition as well as editing is surely an option.

The creative power resides within you. By ensuring your mind is still that you can shape and focus your thoughts. If you need to attend a yoga class, or a mind meditation workshop, or need to listen to some inspiring classical music to set your mind at ease, then you should fully immerse yourself in your contemplation exercise. Creativity is derived by you connecting to your inner-being with clarity of mind!

To reach this Zen state one needs to remove any active thoughts and open ones mind to new thoughts. Perhaps by listening to theta music or soothing mediation music could help one to reach a state of mental clarity. Once you have divested yourself of thought noise caused by too many simulataneous thoughts you can start to process new thoughts and refine your current thought process. This may require creating a mind mapping chart. Sometimes writing out your ideas you can view them objectively.


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