How to Raise Funds Cheaply

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If you have been assigned the task of fundraising but have not been given any budget with which to work you need to think out-of-the-box to find strategies to secure donations.

You have great options:

  1. Create a website to promote your cause.
  2. Ask related organizations to list your event and a link to your website on their
  3. Post free ads online on Pennsaver-styled websites.
  4. Compose articles to be shared on social media outlets.
  5. Appear on a community events show on local television station.
  6. Take out a complimentary advertisement in the event listings section of a newspaper.
  7. Be promoted on community calendar listings on a radio station.
  8. Submit a Media Advisory / Press Release for a free distribution.
  9. Call major donors who have supported your cause or similar ones.
  10. Post flyers about your event / campaign
  11. Give out business cards.

Raising money is a challenging feat, because one is asking for something when usually offering  nothing in exchange. Perhaps by seeming to offer a reward  for redemption of the dontation your organization can raise funds chealy. Also, a great strategy is to give a gift or a postcard or special mention in promotional literature.

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Securing in-kind sponsors is another form of fundraising. This process allows your organization or event to benefit front the products or services of a participating sponsor. In-kind sponsorships can be facilitated through a variety of trade partnerships. Your organization can offer complimentary tickets, preferred event seating and keynote speaking options to potential in-kind sponsors. Most importantly your organization and / or event can get donations that may seem to be free, but which may be worth more in-kind than in actual currency. This is due to organizations and businesses being more generous in-kind, as part of a collective effort than they would otherwise be if asked for donations of money.

Having a website or blog to promote your event is vital to ensuring the legitimacy of the event and organization as a whole. Potential partners and possible guests will be reluctant to partner with a business or organization that cannot afford a website, or put in any effort to create a free blog spot.

Composing a quality media advisory or press release is an excellent way to garner attention for your cause. Once created it can be freely distributed to media outlets. If your media kit is sent to properly received by a legitimate news publication, then you can hope for free promotion of your event.


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