I recall when it was ball of joy and good times with my Zady,

In Florida – to walk on the beach we would go, he played shuffleboard like a pro

He told great stories at the table on Friday night – by the candlelight,

On the Jewish holidays of Hanukah and Passover, we all gathered as a family, to be with Buby and Zady,

He spoke about his life growing up in Poland and about the value of family,

My Zady was very active and strong, I always knew he would live long,

In my heart I will always have the memories of Zady,


Love and Marriage Poems

On the court I am travelling – but to you in my mind,

In the studio, I am stretching my heart to meet yours,

With eyes of longing, I always have you in my sight,

Because you know how to treat me right,

All the years so far have been a breeze,

Went faster than a sneeze,

Into the future we will glide together ,hand in hand,

You surely understand what I am all about,

Without any doubt, you are my soul mate,

For whatever comes next – I can hardly wait,

Because with you at my side; it will be a fun ride,

Inside our house we have built home,

We bring our love everywhere we roam,

Who will be next to fix a phone?

In good humor we laugh at many gaffes,

You always brought me greater cheer with each passing year,

Love you always and in every way.


Wedding Speech

Fun times eating Sushi with soy,

Spending time with Sue and Roy, was always a joy,

Sliding down the slopes – skiing with my brother was a breeze,

Down the hill with the burst of a sneeze,

He tried to keep up with me – but in the blink of an eye I was out of sight,

In every debate we had – he knew I was right,

I ate well at his home for dinner,

Never leaving feeling thinner,

Had a great experience with my Bro on cruise,

So many exciting games from which to choose,

We excelled at shuffled board,

As the high sea roared,

In Las Vegas many times dice were thrown,

I recall flashy shows and costumes I wanted to own,

In life sometimes one gambles with what seems like luck,

Other times one can get stuck,

It seems, however, that Roy has found his sure thing,

You can tell what is in heart, by the shine of Hope’s ring!







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