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Emart Factory – your security source- provides high quality security bars and folding gates. Our durable and resilient galvanized gates are long-lasting. This specialized feature ensures that the security bars will have lifetime durability. We offer a large variety of gates, such as: general cages, cigarette cages, partitions, patio gates, overhead door gates and warehouse gates.

Our main gates are composed of 16 gauges of thickness and constituted of cold rolled steel. The gates have a great design that displays nicely. Emart Factory recently a research study in the USA. We surveyed businesses about the preferred choice between flat lattices and square tubing lattices. It was determined that the main preference was square tubing.

As well as being useful for retail stores, our gates can also be used for enhanced security in   industrial and hospital settings. We recently installed a specialized gate at Mount Sinai Hospital, in Toronto, Canada. Security gates are important to prevent unauthorized visitors and employees from entering restricted ports. Security bars and gates also control access to classified areas and limit access to permitted persons who have a key. These tools of the trade can be opened to grant entry to welcomed guests and workers, at set times. The very appearance of a security fence or gate can act a deterrent to possible theft by employees or patrons, even when the fence or gate is opened.

It is like having a visual and tangible insurance policy. Having a security bar, fence or gate can demonstrate your willingness to protect your company’s location. These tools could qualify your business for enhanced insurance coverage and help with reimbursement in case of product loss.

The fine design of our steel gates, bars and fences offers a professional presentation to confectionaries, concession stands, offices, industrial buildings and warehouses. Ensure your business has the right security, while appearing specialized in its area of expertise.

Nowadays security is more important than ever. Demonstrating a secure work area and being able to control access to entry and exit points is vital to maintaining inventory; as a preventative measure against product loss.  Stores need to be sure that their products and property areas will be secured against unwanted intruders, while also portraying a sense of style. A solid security gate gives one peace of mind: to be sure that their business investment is protected. Choose a strong sense of pride.  Make Emart Factory your choice for security bars and gates, today!

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