Increasing Your Subscribers

Towards Fabulously Increasing Your Subscribers By More than 100,000 Via E-mail and Fax

Campaign Strategies:

  • Compose regular articles on com, which you should share on, Google+,, and; among other social media outlets. You could post a notice within each article encouraging comments from readers, which will ensure an increasing amount of regular followers. You could even suggest subscribers should compose relevant posts about Jewish topics on and ask them to mention your organization and your newsletter and / or provide a link to it, within their posts. Here is a relevant and inspiring article I composed wherein I could promote your organization and newsletter, entitled the: Fabulous Ten Thousand – Are You One? This article was read by 105 people so far. On I currently have 1070 subscribers to my posts. I grew this fan base over only the last few months.


  • Create a group specifically for increasing subscribers. Here subscribers can share anecdotes about Jewish life, including; Shabbat dinners, recipes, travel tips and et cetera. Subscribers to this group can like the group and recommend / suggest the group to friends. Once a member likes your group their status of liking will appear in their public feed on their wall. The trend of liking will only continue to grow and increase exponentially.


  • Mitzvah Points for subscribers who suggest 50 or more friends who become subscribers. After an accumulation of a certain number of mitzvah points, high-ranking subscribers can request a letter from you noting the total points to date, which can be redeemed at local participating kosher restaurants for a complimentary meal. Alternatively, mitzvah points could be redeemed for online purchases of Jewish lifestyle products, such as; Candles, Menorahs, Tallisim, Tefillin, Tzitzits and so forth. Obviously the points would not have an actual monetary value. 50 points would not equal $50. But the points could be used towards a discount of a certain percentage off of the purchase price, with participating Jewish businesses.


  • To increase subscribers you could also ask Mitzvah Points partners to like your organization on social media and to provide you with the e-mail addresses of their customers who have provided an authorization for same. You could post a link to your newsletter on the participating businesses’ website or have a promotional contact form for potential subscribers to complete, in order to receive your newsletter.


  • You could also have a picture contest for Jewish themes, with a small entry fee for contestants; along with a great prize for the winner. You could ask major Jewish businesses / organizations to donate prize(s) or in-kind products / services. Each competitor would submit their complete contact information when entering the contest and simultaneously agree to receive e-mails or faxes from you.


  • You could distribute tzedakah boxes internationally that could be donated to your organization, via local banks; to be deposited into a bank account, specifically set up for this purpose. The tzedaka boxes could be adorned with a sticky notepad that has an embossed watermark with your website link and the words:”Thank you for your support”. Donors could note down a promissory donation amount on the sticky note for future donation commitments. Also a tick-able (checkmark notation) of daily, weekly or monthly donation amounts could be affixed around the tzedakah box for donors to note their regular donation amounts. Alternatively a few options of donation charts could accompany the tzedakah box, which could be affixed by adhesive (glue) to the tzedakah box.



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